Stress Management is in essence Performance Management. BUT it is not one size fits all! We are all wired differently with our own physical and social attributes and circumstances.

With StressBusterPro you:

  • Discover your unique physiological and mental approach to stress and what to do to transform it.
  • Find out why high performers succeed and how they deal with stress. 
  • Get proven tools and strategies based on performance and stress management science.

Stressed out and unfocused?

We understand you are driven and under stress, but with StressBusterPro we want to show you how to deal with stress in ways that can help you regain health and confidence, reconnect with who you really are and what you truly want from life!

Feel things are out of control? 

Do you worry about letting people down? Disappointing those you love? Do you experience stress headaches? Migraines? Tension? Crave some stress relief and peace of mind? 

.. then discover the secrets to leveraging your own body's resources to transform your stress.

Get instant help! 

... as Kathy Somers, a Stress Expert with over 20 years experience in helping students, professionals and athletes deal with stress, pain and performance at the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic, guides you through a series of audios each based on scientifically proven techniques and methods for improved performance and self regulation. 

Sleep a problem? Insomnia causing fatigue? 

Worrying and having a stressed and busy mind makes it difficult to get to the most beneficial phase of sleep, slow wave sleep. 

Kathy Somers created Bedtime Relaxation, a special combination audio of mind and body calming techniques to physically and mentally prepare you for a truly restful sleep - so you can waken refreshed and rejuvenated!

... with these successful stress management methods combining relaxation and peformance science.

You will instantly receive ... 

4 Audio Stress Management Sessions: Every session is designed to deliver on a different aspect of your stress challenge. The different audio files incorporate the major techniques utilized in profesional settings to overcome and deal with stress. The methods are all chemical free and help users overcome debilitating stress and sleep related issues.

E-guide: A written instruction book designed to be easily absorbed and informative on the working of stress mechanisms in your body and mind. The guide includes a Stress Report and QuickStart menu with a practical approach enabling anyone to take immediate action and take charge of their specific stress response.

All available with instant easy digital download, for you to begin today! 

And right now! 

Included as BONUS with every $35 StressBusterPro System is Power Hour with Kathy Somers - a powerful energizer - designed for High Performance!

So you can recharge, rejuvenate and maintain the calm clarity and focus you need to take on whatever comes and WIN YOUR DAY!

  • 100% Secure.